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April 17th, 2015

 Woman in Gold – at the Camelot Theatres

      Just returned from viewing Woman in Gold at the Camelot. Despite the mixed reviews I found on the Internet, I enjoyed the movie very much. If the purpose of a movie is to inform, entertain and hold my interest, then Woman in Gold succeeded on all points. It’s the type of movie I’m happy to recommend to others. It didn’t hurt that the movie starred Dame Helen Mirren for I’m a big fan.

     Woman in Gold is a true story about an extremely valuable painting looted by the Nazi’s from the home of a Jewish family in Austria. After the war the painting was put on display in a Vienna museum where it was regarded as a priceless national treasure. The movie is about the attempts of the original owning family’s heir, Maria Altmann , living in Los Angeles, and her attorney, Randol Schoenberg,  to have her claim to ownership recognized and the painting restored to her. The painting’s value, at the conclusion of the movie, was over a $100 million dollars. Read more about the painting and its history on Wikipedia at:

Woman-in-GoldWoman in Gold painting
WOMAN IN GOLD Stars Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds

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April 17, 2015
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