Walking Tessa

March 15th, 2016

     Tessa and I have been doing morning “walks” for more than a week. They’re laughably called “walks” or “walking the doggy”, but nothing could be further from the truth. Her brisk pace, despite such a small size, greatly exceeds my own and she pulls ahead as if urging me to run.

     Some have rightly questioned who is being walked and I perceive their assumption being that she’s not the one.

     Tessa still reacts and is often frightened by strange (new) loud noises. Also loud barking dogs we encounter are on her list to be avoided.

     She won’t be receiving her 4th and final puppy vaccination until March 25th so we continue to avoid getting close to other dogs.

    Have signed up for a series of puppy obedience training classes (wonder if I’m the one who’ll get trained?) starting April 10th. Looking forward to when she learns, accepts and responds to words from me. Not convinced the word “commands” is one that works for her.

Tessa on Leash

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