Vote for Tessa

March 17th, 2017

          My name is Contessa Le Rouge, though most call me Tessa. Everyone tells me that I’m lovable, adorable, gorgeous, beautiful and/or absolutely the best. When out taking a daily walk neighbors wave at me from their place on the street. Some cross the street to greet me and we show a bit of mutual affection. All, or at least most, eagerly seek and enjoy moist wet puppy kisses and I share them at every opportunity. Fortunately, none of the daily adoration rituals affect my character. I remain a simple little country girl doing my best to overcome a trait towards natural shyness, reticence and quiet. Others may finagle their appeal, charisma, beauty and intelligence into leadership roles leading to personal wealth, opportunities, TV and movie stardom, or elective office, but I’ve never taken that step…….yet!

          Did I say “elective office”? Why not? Vote for Tessa! I like the sound of that phrase. As an officeholder I’d probably be admired, believed, adored, honored, trusted and eventually canonized. Surely all I’d need would be a two-word platform – “Trust me”.

          Would you vote for me?

          Wow, what a great dream. Oh well, it’s time to wake up and check the wet grass in the yard.

Bond Shands
March 17, 2017
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