Throw and Fetch – with Contessa Le Rouge

October 8th, 2016

          Yesterday I learned a new game – one called Throw and Fetch. While sitting in my chair reading I noticed that Tessa had retrieved one of her favorite toys, dropped it at my feet and was looking at me rather expectantly. I picked the toy up and threw it. Tessa quickly ran and retrieved it. Again she dropped the toy at my feet and looked at me expectantly. I threw it and again she retrieved and brought it back to me. We continued the Throw and Fetch game again and again and again, etc.

          Eventually Tessa ended the game. I’m uncertain whether she tired of playing or became satisfied at having succeeded in teaching me the new game.

          Whatever the reason we stopped playing I’m happy to have acquired a new skill. I’ll add the Throw and Fetch game to my list of skills. Should serve me well if ever I resign my full-time retirement occupation and seek another line of work.

Contessa Le Rouge with Throw & Fetch Toy

Contessa Le Rouge with Throw & Fetch Toy

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