The ABC Diane Sawyer’s Bruce Jenner interview

April 26th, 2015

     The Huffington Post’s review of the ABC Diane Sawyer blockbuster interview with Bruce Jenner was less about the content and instead emphasized the style. There are two perhaps overlooked but nevertheless very important stories coming out of the great interview.

     First, of course, is the actual interview of Jenner as a Transgender person which in itself was groundbreaking in so many respects.

     The second important story is the manner in which the interview was conducted. It’s so rare for members of the 4th Estate to treat subjects and issues with genuine respect, empathy and actually listen. Far too often reporters seek the sensational and gravitate to that which will produce headlines. The Sawyer interview was the work of a truly dedicated, talented and caring journalist who clearly her viewed role as perhaps little more than a scribe taking accurate notes.

     Kudos, in fact barrels of kudos, to Diane Sawyer and ABC for the manner in which the interview was conducted and presented. It’s the type of journalism not often practiced anywhere.

Bond Shands
April 26, 2015
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Click here to view the Huffington Post review referenced above.


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