Tessa’s Morning Playtime

August 14th, 2017

          Morning’s I have my coffee and toast outside under the covered patio. Afterwards little Tessa doggy insistently reminds me that it’s time to play. She doesn’t readily take the word No for an answer.

          Tessa’s playtime favorite is for me to hold and swing a badly torn blue t-shirt for her to grab, chase and tear. We do this as I walk up and down the garden path and it usually doesn’t end until something else captures her attention (a dog or something else on the other side of the block wall fence). The t-shirt used to be longer and in better shape!

                    We’ve been spending long weekends (Thursday-Sunday) in our Roadtrek Zion RV motorhome-on-wheels up in the Silent Valley Club resort. It’s a private membership RV campground on the northwest face of Mt. San Jacinto above Banning, CA. At an altitude of about 3,600 ft the air temperature is a welcome cool contrast to the hot, humid Awful August conditions in Palm Springs. While there we both enjoy being able to walk, exercise and do other things outside without wilting after ten minutes of activity. Tessa is also is fascinated by the many bunny rabbits, squirrels and birds – and appears determined to make one’s acquaintance.

Bond Shands
August 14, 2017
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