Tessa – Ready to Party

February 10th, 2017

          Contessa Le Rouge, or “Tessa”, spent most of the morning at the Bath & Brush doggy beauty salon. While there she received the full coiffure treatment including bath, hair trimming and brush along with nail clipping. When I picked her up I almost didn’t recognize her for the transformation returned her image to the movie star look she wears so well. Her beautiful appearance should last at least through the remainder of the day and only start to disappear when the irrigation sprinklers in the yard come on and leave lots of wet grass in which she delights to run and play.

          On February 28th Tessa will be fifteen months of age and appears to be in perfect health. That level of health continues to amaze me for she seems to pick up anything from the ground that will fit in her mouth. She’s also still very much a chewer and targets include anything not yet tried – or worth trying again. Among toys, including chewy ones and rawhide chew strips, more than a dozen survivors continue to occupy floor space on the dining room floor. I retrieve them daily and stack all neatly in a corner – where they may remain until my back is turned. She continues to treat the word “no” as a suggestion and gives me mournful looks when I use her leash as a restraining tether. I’ve grown accustomed to feelings of guilt throughout our daily morning walks.

          Tessa now weighs over nine and a half pounds. I assume she’s reached her full size. She continues to seek attention from all she encounters and enjoys meeting and greeting both people and other doggies. Tessa has made lots of friends – many know her name but few remember mine, they stop and give her the attention she seeks and the effect is to remind me of my place in the scheme of things. May soon be submitting my credentials and resume’ of puppy care experiences to see if I now qualify for an Obedience Certificate. Maybe even one with more than a single gold star affixed to it.

          The photos above were taken today and show Tessa’s appearance both before and after her visit to the Doggy Beautification Parlor. Seems strange those types of visits work so well on her but not as well for me. Not certain why but will continue to seek an answer for it would be nice to look like a movie star.

Bond Shands
February 10, 2017
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