Tessa Now at 7.2 lbs

May 15th, 2016

Contessa Le Rouge (or “Tessa”) continues to grow and gain weight. She’ll be six months old on the 28th of May but already her weight is more than double that on January 28th (the day we first met). It’s now 7.2 lbs.

Tessa accompanies (or leads) me on our 4.2 mile brisk morning walks. When we finish she comes back ready to eat, play and more play. She’s an extremely social, friendly and happy little puppy and loves to play with all the dogs we encounter. Size of the other animal doesn’t appear to concern her and she’s never shown signs of being intimidated by other friendly dogs. Tessa she’s learned to avoid dogs who are overly aggressive or exhibit unfriendly traits.

Yesterday I gave her a bath and another of my efforts at trimming her coat of hair. She refuses to remain still or otherwise cooperate and I’m a bit nervous when holding scissors close to her. Always happy when the job is finished even though “Raggedy Ann” is the appearance my hair cutting skills produce.

We were standing in a shady area beneath a tree when the following photos were taken this morning. The combination of shade in an otherwise bright setting may be why the photos don’t appear very bright.

Contessa Images

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