Tessa Needs More Toys

December 28th, 2017

On Christmas Eve one of Tessa’s admirers stopped by with gifts for her including some treats, a festive Crown for her head, and a new Panda Bear toy. She loves it all and the Panda Bear is already on its way to decapitation or other evidence of chew satisfaction.

Yesterday when Tessa and I returned from the evening walk, in our entryway we found a large “Peanuts” stocking filled with eight toys. The contents, balls, ropes, and plush figures have been added to her toy collection. There was no card from her admirer so we don’t know for certain who left Tessa the “Peanuts” stocking of toys.

Tessa’s toy collection fills two baskets plus another half dozen scattered around “our” bedroom and more outside on the patio. Surveying the entire collection could give the impression she has cornered the market on toys. Does she need more? After all, she just turned two years of age. At this rate of toy acquisition, we may have to rent a storage facility somewhere to hold her treasures.


Bond Shands
December 28, 2017
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