Tessa! We need to talk!

August 21st, 2016

          Tessa, baby, we need to have a serious conversation about appropriate seating accommodations. As you know there are two identical Club Chairs in front of the fireplace. The one nearest the TV is “your” chair and the one nearest the windows if “my” chair.

          Today, when I returned from my morning bicycle ride, I noticed evidence on the seat of “my” chair that leads me to believe you’ve been sitting in it. I really don’t mind the sitting but am a bit resentful that you left a significant series of paw prints on the chair seat. I understand that you’re still a puppy and playing outdoors in the wet grass, dirt and mud are all part of your growing up. Nevertheless, I would greatly appreciate your sharing evidence of outdoors nature with your own chair. 

          So, do we have an agreement? No more sitting in my chair when I’m away.


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