Tessa – Back from Doggy Beauty Parlour

May 31st, 2017

.          Yesterday her doggy ladyship, Contessa Le Rouge, spent much of the day visiting the local Doggy Beauty Parlour. While there Tessa received a shampoo, brushing, designer hair styling and then finished off with an appropriate Eau de Cologne misting.

.          We’ve since engaged in a few walks in the neighborhood where Tessa managed to greet friends, old and new, who we encountered along the way. All reported how gorgeous, beautiful and wonderful she looked – and, true to form, her “customary” humility had been left home. She acted as if the encounter was one of royalty graciously greeting her public.

.          She allowed me to photograph her during a moment’s rest. The moment didn’t last long for wet grass and other doggy pursuits were calls she felt the need to answer.



.          Tessa and I will be spending our weekend at the Silent Valley Club recreational vehicle park up the mountain above Banning, CA. It will be the first outing in our new RoadTrek Zion Recreational Vehicle motorhome and we’re looking forward to the excursion. The RV is one of the smaller Class B designs (20 ft long) but includes many of civilization’s basic requirements to sustain life (cooking area, bathroom with shower, refrigerator, beds, TV and DVD, air conditioning, outside awning, closets and other storage, sound system, etc.). I’ve always enjoyed adventures, roughing it along with other mental and physical trials. This particular challenge, while new, is one I’m prepared to embrace along with the beer, wine and other necessities of life we’ll be carrying in the refrigerator, during the time we’ll be away from Cable TV and hi-speed Internet. Fortunately the park offers Wi-Fi and the RV has an antenna for capturing broadcast digital TV signals – but, like I said, no Cable TV. Yep – it’s definitely a case of roughing it, but Tessa and I are ready for the challenge.

Bond Shands
May 31, 2017
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