Tessa and Spike

September 4th, 2017

          Early Monday morning (5:30 am) in our Silent Valley Club campsite, Tessa and I were about to set out on our morning walk. Suddenly we were surprised by a cute little Yorkie puppy dog wandering into our campsite. It had a collar with small Skull & Crossbones designs on it, but no identification tag. I attached him to our RV with an extra dog leash, for there appeared to be no owner present in the vicinity. Tessa and I then proceeded on our walk with a stop at the Ranger Station to report our newfound friend  as a Lost Dog.

          Upon returning from our walk the new friend wanted to play but Tessa was totally not interested. The way she seemed to ignore him was almost comical. Failing to get Tessa to play he then badgered me into playing with him. He turned down offers of water and food, though Tessa quickly gobbled the food he didn’t touch. I  alerted several passing walkers to  news we had found a lost dog and asked that they share the information with others they may encounter.

          Around 8 am I happened to glance out the RV side window and noticed several people wandering rather aimlessly nearby. I exited the RV and asked if they were looking for something. They responded their little Yorkshire Terrier dog was missing. I said the dog was safe with us, retrieved him from the RV and handed him over to his owners. When asked, they said his name was Spike.

          We enjoyed our time with Spike, though I suspect Tessa was not quite ready to share with another doggy. He was quite friendly, cute and loveable. If the owners had not been found I planned to take him home to Palm Springs with us and have him checked for a possible microchip. That, of course, proved to be a step not needed.

          Was happy to have found Spike’s owners. It turned out they were camping in a tent not far away and he had simply wandered away. Our nighttime RV lighting system may have been what attracted Spike to our campsite.

Bond Shands
September 4, 2017
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