A Super Bike Ride Sunday

February 5th, 2017
          Today Scott Connelly and I led a Sunday morning bicycle ride for members of the local GOPS (Great Outdoors Palm Springs) chapter. Fourteen of us met in front of the Demuth Park Community Center starting point at 10 am. It was a perfect day for a bicycle ride with moderate temperatures, just enough cloud cover to provide protection from the sun and almost no wind.
          Our planned ride via the Tahquitz Creek Loop bicycle route started through portions of DeMuth Park, continued onto a path bordering the Tahquitz Creek Golf Course greens, under the Gene Autry bridge and then past the Water Park. Continuing east to Golf Club drive we next headed south past the Tahquitz Creek Resort entrance to the crossing at South Palm Canyon wash. Leaving the Tahquitz Creek Loop we turned east on the future CV Link Connector bicycle path (bordering the wash) and continued via the Jenkins Trail to the Cathedral Canyon Drive crossing. Our route in Cathedral City continued along the Whitewater River trail east, under the Date Palm Bridge, up behind Palm Springs Motors and on into Rancho Mirage towards Frank Sinatra Drive. Crossing the Whitewater River on Frank Sinatra Drive we entered Michael Wolfson park where we encountered the Butler-Abrams trail heading south to Country Club Drive. On our way we detoured to view a long wall designed to appear as a bookcase, followed by a stop facing a farm of future goat parents. After members satisfied their goat viewing quest we proceeded to the turnaround point at Country Club Drive. We then retraced our route until exiting the Jenkins Trail where we headed south on Calle Arriba and then west on Bolero Road until it terminated at Golf Club Drive where we rejoined the Tahquitz Creek Loop trail. We then proceeded south on Golf Club Drive until East Palm Canyon where we headed west to Escoba Drive then east to El Cielo Road and north to Mesquite Avenue. We turned east and ended our ride at the Demuth Community Center at 12:15 pm.
          Our route consisted of dedicated Class 1 bicycle paths, Class 2 bike paths adjacent to vehicle lanes, and a few unofficial bicycle paths (not maintained) that included dirt, sand and gravel surfaces. A portion of ride included the path in the Whitewater River wash and we were able to observe places where rushing water had left its mark. Walking our bikes though one short sandy section of the path proved beneficial.
          This was a ride where those with plans or need to leave the group proved easy. By ride’s end only three of us were left in the group that returned to our starting point. However, from reports heard during the ride all appeared to have enjoyed the 16 mile opportunity to spend a few hours on their bicycle.
Bond Shands
February 5, 2017
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