Sprinkler-loving Tessa

October 16th, 2016

          My little dog Tessa (aka Contessa Le Rouge) loves playing around our grass water sprinklers in the yard. When a watering section starts and she hears the sound and Tessa immediately runs towards it. Tessa sticks her head into a water shower coming from a sprinkler and even drinks the water hitting her face. It’s all another form of playtime.

          I first became aware of her fond interest in the running water sprinkler while reclining on a patio lounge chair. It was when she took one of her flying leaps and landed on top of me – wet hair and muddy paws – and left their mark on the clothes I was wearing. After a few moments an urge to do a doggy-shake- the-water-off-her-body-action was followed by the real thing. And, of course, I was a beneficiary of those flying water drops.

          The yard is currently undergoing annual re-seeding and that’s why the water sprinklers are running multiple times during the day. Must admit to looking forward to the process’ completion and the irrigation system return to a thrice-weekly-before-dawn schedule.

          A wet dog is less than a thing of memorable beauty…….. Winking


Tessa Loves Water Sprinklers

      Tessa Loves Water Sprinklers

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