The Snoopy License Plate

November 25th, 2014

     California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) sells special interest license plates for the benefit of various public benefit organizations. For many years my automobiles have been identified by license plates that promote Yosemite National Park. A portion of the increased annual vehicle registration fee that I pay goes to one of the public foundations supporting the park.

     The California Association of Museums and the California Cultural and Historical Endowment, a state entity, are sponsoring a Snoopy License Plate Program that is soliciting advance orders in order to meet the 7,500 plate minimum required for production. Jean Schulz, the widow of Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz, recognized the need for additional funding of California museums. She and Peanuts Worldwide, as copyright holders, are generously giving royalty-free Snoopy license plate image rights to benefit museums through a self-sufficient grant program. Each plate features a reproduction of an original Snoopy drawing and the phrase “museums are for everyone”. The vast popularity of Snoopy and PEANUTS will help sell this plate to California residents and send the message that museums are for everyone.

     Charles Schulz’s PEANUTS cartoons featuring Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy and other characters, has long topped my list of favorites. In addition to the words of wisdom so often expressed by the various PEANUTS characters, I fell in love with Snoopy and his success as one of the major stars in the series. A fond memory is having once met Charles Schulz in his Santa Rosa, California hometown where I’ve also visited the museum, the ice skating rink he built and, of course, the Charles M. Schulz Snoopy Gallery & Gift Shop. Snoopy and gang ornaments decorate my Christmas tree each year and every room in my home includes a reproduction of one or more characters from the PEANUTS cartoon series. Yes, it’s true, I’m a genuine Snoopy Nut!

     I’ve joined the Snoopy License Plate roll of supporters and have made my advance payment to help this effort succeed. When the new plates are issued mine will replace the ones now supporting Yosemite National Park, for I will then become a supporter of California’s museums. It’s a really fun way of continually showing support for my favorite cartoon character and our California museums.

Snoopy License PlateThe depiction above is of the proposed license plate design.
Instead of 123ABC, my own plates will say “BOND 2” – my current license plate identification.

        Visit The Snoopy Plate to place an order for one of the plates. Additional information about the program is in the Press Release kit. And click here to view/download the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) listing.

Bond Shands
November 24, 2014


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