Silent Valley Club RV Outing Report

June 4th, 2017

          Earlier today little Tessa doggy and I returned from a three-day/two-night outing in the new RoadTrek 2016 Zion RV. It was our first road trip in the RV and almost everything about the excursion was a new experience. Just the actual vehicle driving proved something of a challenge, for it’s a 20 ft long RAM ProMaster 3500 cargo van weighing over 9,000 lbs. I’m accustomed to the ease of handling provided by my little sports car. Navigating the freeway, city streets, winding highway up the mountain and then down another winding highway in the RoadTrek certainly qualified, for me, at least, as a bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, no serious road problems occurred (other than stopping to close cabinets, etc., that I had failed to securely lock). 

          We visited the Silent Valley Club private recreational resort up the San Jacinto mountain above Banning, CA. The resort is in a wooded valley just below the 4,000 ft level. It has 850 campsites on 460 acres and offers a huge assortment of amenities including Heated Pool & Spa, Restaurant, Lounge, Snack Bar, Adult & family Centers, General Store, Laundromat, Arcade Room, Pool tables, Tennis & Basketball Courts, Miniature Golf, Saunas, Shuffleboard, Horseshoes, and Volleyball. There are many Comfort Stations together with Shower & Bath facilities spread throughout the resort grounds (excellent shower water pressure). There’s a playground for children, a doggy park, Tram Service, Fishing Lake (or Pond), and support services including Ranger Station, Fire House, and First Aid Station. The Silent Valley Club is a membership organization owned and operated by leasehold dues-paying members (starting at $999.00 for one year) who enjoy various incentives that accompany leasehold ownership.

          The weekend event was sponsored by the Great Outdoors Palm Springs chapter and there were 36 member campers in our group. Some came in motor homes, of all sizes, and others were staying in tents they brought. Our organized activities included hikes, a visit to a distant Fire Lookout Tower, a Friday meet-and-greet with an overflowing appetizer table, a Saturday potluck dinner, again filled with an overflowing table of food, and evening social time around a gas log round centerpiece fireplace. Tessa and I also managed our daily walks which consisted of three-mile treks around the Resort’s outer rim.

          We had a very nice time and reluctantly left the 80 degree weather and returned to 100+ temperatures in Palm Springs. Tessa made many new friends and received lots of attention. She seemed to be having an even better time than me. She also proved to be a good traveling companion both in the vehicle, in camp and during our many walks throughout the resort grounds. Nevertheless, I sensed our return home was one she really appreciated. As for me, well, spending a weekend without a dishwasher, automatic garbage disposal, cable TV, cell phone service, Internet and other necessities reminded me what it was like to substitute the comforts of home for the challenges of outdoor camping. I’m a happy survivor and proud to claim entitlement as one with an adventurous spirit and not above doing without life’s necessities (for a short space of time). 😆

          Didn’t take a lot of photos. The ones I remembered to take included members gathered around the food table, our RoadTrek RV in its assigned space and Tessa inside the RV looking out through the door screen.


Bond Shands
June 4, 2017
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