Shoes With Lifetime Warranties

September 19th, 2017

          Why do shoes wear out? So many products come with lifetime warranties, why don’t they produce shoes that carry lifetime warranties? Surely this is a subject that needs the attention of a Congressional Committee. No shoe manufacturer appears to be offering products with lifetime warranties. Should we assume shoe manufacturer collusion is the reason? After all, shoe products aren’t cheap, and these businesses make lots of money from shoe replacements.

          My favorite pair of New Balance walking shoes is showing signs of wear. In fact, they may not last through the upcoming winter season. I can’t understand why they appear to be falling apart. I’m certain they’re less than five years old and don’t believe I’ve put more than 1,500-2,000 miles on them in each year. Why are they showing signs of age?

          There’s more than two dozen pairs of boots and shoes in my closet. And I wear some of them. But my daily walking shoes, the ones I start out wearing each morning, are my white New Balance walking shoes. At least they were white when new. This is not a the way I had planned on spending my Golden Years. Breaking in another pair of decent walking shoes is not only a painful prospect, it’ll hurt the checkbook, as well. I’ll bet such problems were never faced in years past when civilized society included cobblers who repaired shoes.

          Look at the photos. These shoes should have lasted another five years. Why are they falling apart? Our nation needs a citizen shoe lobby to force Congress to fix this problem. Where is the leadership we so desperately need to organize and lead this cause?



Bond Shands
September 19, 2017
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