Rainbow Rocks Hike

January 29th, 2017
          Yesterday returned home, turned on pool-side Spa, applied Band-Aids where needed, removed wet socks and other clothing, took a shower, responded to puppy’s needs and took “Tessa” on her two-mile afternoon walk, returned home where I exchanged wearing apparel for a bathing suit, poured myself a glass of wine and headed for the 104 degree Spa where I was able to think only good thoughts of the earlier mid-day hike and our hike leader.
          My late afternoon recovery followed a mid-day hike in the Whitewater Preserve to Rainbow Falls with members of the Great Outdoors group. Our leader, Sherwood, is an experience hiker who has led previous hikes in the Preserve. We (started with twenty – three turned back) experienced the beauty of narrowing high canyon walls, spotted a Bighorn sheep looking down from high above us, cowboys controlling range cattle from a nearby reservation, lots of greenery and heavy brush on both sides of the path, and a stream bed filled to near-capacity that required crossing more than a dozen times. Some of the stream crossings are worthy candidates for tall tales at a future date.
          Rainbow Falls, our destination, proved inaccessible for the path we were on eventually became the stream bed. It left us two choices – wade or turn back. The expected group decision meant we’ll have to try another day for a hike to the Falls.
          Although we didn’t manage to reach our hiking goal, the seven or eight mile round-trip proved to be a great outing. Perfect hiking weather, blue skies and the continuous sounds of water running over rocks proved a welcome alternative to our world of asphalt and concrete.
          Another posted a hiking review in 2015 describing the Rainbow Falls hike, with photos. It’s worth viewing and is at
          Looking forward to more GOPS outings –
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Sunday, January 29, 2017
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