Preparing for War!

June 17th, 2015

      News reports of another United States military adventure in the making appeared on June 13, 2015. The New York Times headlined their story “U.S. Is Poised to Put Heavy Weaponry in Eastern Europe“. Our nation has found yet another spot in Europe from which to engage in warfare.

     Will this nation ever turn away from being the world’s police department and become genuine peacemakers? I don’t believe it will. It’s in our blood (killing, I mean) and we see absolutely nothing wrong with it. Of course it helps to remember the bad guys are always the ones we’re out to intimidate, quash and/or completely destroy. Not to worry, though, when we almost but don’t quite win, we’ll spend tons of money to rebuild whatever the other guys lost from our conflict. That’s just more proof we’re the good guys.

     Must admit to wondering when this latest military proposal will move into actual conflict? But, since we don’t have a draft, it’s not really a big deal to most of us. At least there’ll be headlines and that should prove interesting, possibly entertaining, for a period of time. Should keep our military industrial complex folks happy.

     God Bless America, Hail to the Chief, America Forever, America the Beautiful and more are the mottos and phrases that guide us – for it’s all about us! And, of course, that’s the way it should be. After all, aren’t we the chosen people, the ones created to bring democracy to the world, and the savior of all who share our beliefs? We even have a huge segment of the population convinced that we have religious principles that need to be forced upon the rest of the world.

     I could rant and rave over this subject for hours but it wouldn’t change any minds, spur anyone to action or give many reason to pause and think about it. The truth is that our penchant for national warlike adventures has yet to find its limits. It’s almost as if it’s a game in which we need to always be a major player. We seldom win, but we never admit defeat.

     A recent article about the type of military we’re creating was depressing. Our beloved warrior combat forces appear to be the first step in what actually may be a homegrown mercenary fighting system. We entice “volunteers” with good pay and benefits, family unit support, and housing in a walled complex totally separated from the rest of the country. In those military-base walled residential communities there are shopping facilities, entertainment, education and, of course, the employment location is just around the corner. Military family residents automatically develop their own culture, associations are limited to those in the same community and the social and political views chart an independent course. It’s almost another form of population segregation. How can this be good for our nation and our future?

      Most who read this post will not participate nor even click the like button. That may be to avoid appearing to take a position, for being an avid peace lover is almost un-American. Our support for peace and opposition to war is more of the “please don’t do that” variety or “not really a good idea”. Advocating on behalf of peace and in opposition to all warlike adventures is just not done. This, after all, is America, and Dick Cheney may be gone from Washington, but fond memories of his time remain. Our own kids won’t be doing any of the fighting so – send in the troops.

      War – It’s becoming ordinary, just like breakfast, lunch and dinner.

      Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Dare I say that we’re also a bunch of very, very, stupid dumb yucks!

Bond Shands
June 17, 2015
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