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January 12th, 2012

   Dear Democratic Party Friends:

     Three years ago, on the national level, I was excited by the presidential campaign of Barack Obama and the promises of change. Too many of those promises have not been kept and I now realize my hope for change is but a dream that will never occur. Next year we will have another presidential campaign and this time I’ll be voting for one of two candidates even though neither is acceptable. It will be one of those “hold your nose” votes and pick the lessor of the least worthy.

     In the Congress I would gladly vote to replace the entire lot. In California neither major political party has my respect and certainly none of my confidence. As for Coachella Valley, when it comes to both Democrats and Republicans – activists and officeholders – my opinion is one devoid of respect.

     Both the Democratic and Republican parties have far too much politically unacceptable baggage and I am no longer content to simply give support to the lessor of two evils. This life long registered Democratic party member, after much thought, has decided supporting a particular political party is not something I wish to continue. I have decided to change my voting registration preference to Independent (aka Decline to State).

     Thought I would make your day by sharing. Hope the remainder of your day brings you lots of sharing.


Bond Shands
January 12, 2012
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