Palm Springs Vacation Rentals Ballot Issue Question

May 1st, 2018

I’ve been asked by others for my views and, presumably, how I will vote on the Measure C Vacation Rentals ballot issue. After much thought and listening to the arguments both for and against the measure, I’ve finally reached my decision. I intend to vote for the Measure C ballot issue.

The reasons for my opposition to continued Vacation Rentals (of less than 30 days) in residential neighborhoods include the following.

My view of Vacation Rentals is that they are a business! As such they should not be allowed to occur in communities zoned for residences. I would feel the same about any business activity occurring in a residential neighborhood. To permit business activities to occur in a residential community subverts, in my opinion, the zoning process. I have noticed that many of the city’s HOA communities have rules that expressly prohibit vacation and other rentals of less than thirty days. Those not residing in HOA communities, who seek to ban short-term rentals in their own residential neighborhoods, are asking for nothing more.

Among my views of local government obligations are that the best interests of the residents should hold a place at the top of their list. Allowing short-term vacation rentals to operate just so the city can tax and collect revenue from such businesses would seem to clearly go against the intent behind residential zoning. Money, long touted as the root of all evil, clearly is the reason behind local government official’s desires to allow short-term vacation rentals to occur in residential communities. It’s for that reason I view such local government actions as a determined failure with respect to serving the best interests of the city’s residential communities.

Among the short-term vacation rental discussions and media promotions I’ve been surprised by are the recent determined and forceful steps city officials are taking to defeat the proposed Vacation Rental ballot issue. Although the ballot question is clearly a political issue that asks voters to decide the question, city officials have mounted a strong assault to defeat the ballot measure. I find such actions on their part rather odious and evidence of little desire to serve their entire community of residents. Self-serving and fealty to unnamed loyalties are presumed to be the reasons behind their partisan efforts to defeat the ballot measure. It’s also presents a rather sad realization that local officials, supported by our taxes, operate no differently than their counterparts in the Sacramento and Washington, D.C. capitols. The name of the game everywhere is the same. It’s “politics”!

Whether the Vacation Rentals ballot measure passes or fails, I’ll be among those happy if the result serves to put the issue to bed and we are able to move on.

Bond Shands
May 1, 2018
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