Oswit Canyon Hike

January 6th, 2017

          Oswit Canyon, located in South Palm Springs, shares an entry point with the South Lykken Trail entrance (2925 S Palm Canyon Dr). The path leading up the canyon is uneven and a bit of rock scrambling, bouldering and route-finding expertise are part of the allure. It’s currently in the news because a petition is currently being circulated denying plans to develop the canyon base’s alluvial fan bordering South Palm Canyon Drive. That portion of the vacant expanse  is planned for residential property development and if allowed would serve to significantly impact what many consider to be one of Palm Springs most treasured pieces of open space.

         I hiked Oswit Canyon with the Palm Springs Great Outdoors group on the Thursday, January 5th outing led by Scott Connelly (website at The day was a pleasant one for an outdoor hike that included blue skies, a few clouds, occasional breeze and moderate temperature (the right mix for hiking). Our group of more than a dozen completed the four miles round trip in slightly more than three hours that included a snack break. Our destination, the waterfall at the top of the canyon, proved a delight. Water was falling (as promised) and the appearance of the area was that of a little oasis (including Palms).

          The actual path, or paths, leading up the canyon at times proved difficult to find and there were times a wrong turn left us exploring alternative routes. The rocky footing and occasional large boulders proved challenging for some but most of the group pressed on. Fortunately all were appropriately outfitted (hiking footwear with treads, layered clothing, sunscreen and head coverings for those not seeking tans or sunburns). The adventure proved to be challenging, interesting and another great opportunity to escape asphalt and concrete.

          Scott, our leader, had a copy of the Save Oswit Canyon petition with him for registered Palm Springs voters to sign. Additional information about the petition is available on both their Facebook page ( and website.

Waterfall Area

View Down Canyon to South Palm Springs


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  1. Bond Shands Says:

    Oswit Canyon wildlife caution.

    Our hike destination was the pond below the falls at the end of the path up through the canyon. When we reached the location we heard a continuous series of loud, threatening sounds – clearly those made by wild creatures. A few knowledgeable members in the group identified what we were hearing must surely be those of a vicious Bullfrog located somewhere near the pond and its water. The creature’s constant calls were believed to represent either a mating cry or intention to dine that evening on gourmet “human legs”. As we departed the danger area it was with relief to learn none in our group had actually encountered the amphibian nor suffered sharp Frog fang injuries. -bs

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