North Lykken Trail

February 4th, 2017

          Hiked a portion of the North Lykken Trail on Friday (02/03/2017) with a dozen members of the Great Outdoors Palm Springs (GOPS) chapter. Our leader, David Stewart, is an experienced hiker and regularly scheduled GOPS leader who was watchfully attentive to the pace limitations of all.

          The North Lykken Trail route started from its Ramon Road trailhead where we began a trek up the mountain. After several miles of up and down hiking we reached our turnaround destination at the Picnic Table plateau intersection with a trail coming up from the Palm Springs Museum. Pausing a short time for snacks and photos we then retraced our route back to the trailhead.

          The hike started shortly after 8am, took just under three hours and included approximately 800 ft of elevation. The continuous view looking east above Palm Springs was spectacular with perfect weather and excellent trail conditions.

          If the South Lykken holds the most favorite trail in Palm Springs claim, then the North Lykken Trail probably ranks a close second. During our hike we encountered more than a dozen hikers, in both directions, along the route. We definitely experienced an enjoyable way to start the day with a bit of cardiovascular activity in a nearby pleasant setting.

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  1. Bond Shands Says:

    We encountered several hikers accompanying their dogs along this pet-friendly route. All were courteous and the dogs friendly.

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