New Car Search Update

October 24th, 2014

My new car fever reached a critical state that is only going to be cured by my actually buying one. So, the search is already underway. Pretty certain my earlier choice of the new BMW M235i Coupe is the right choice for me. Used online tools at the BMW USA website to configure the options I want in the new car. That means that, in order to get what I really want, it will be necessary to special order one. So, the remaining step is to find a dealership with the best pricing and place that order.

I belong to AAA, Costco and USAA. All have or are affiliated with auto buying services. Did the online paperwork at all three in order to see which service has the best price. Also had the paperwork emailed to three different dealerships.

These dealerships don’t appear to like each other very much nor are at all circumspect in what they have to say – to me – and/or about other dealers or the buying services. One dealership stated they no longer advertise with AAA nor are affiliated with that buying service. They then went on to disparage the AAA program. Another dealership doesn’t use Costco and they too resorted to disparagement of the program they don’t use. That same dealership was really uncomplimentary in their comments about the dealership I ultimately chose to do business with. And two included in their email sales pitch the point I am choosing a new model that may be hard to find and its popularity means few discounts. I simply responded that time was not a critical factor and next year, when the hoopla dies down, would be fine with me.

I found the Costco buying service to be the one with the largest cash discount. In my case their discount amounted to about 6% of the vehicle’s full MSRP as configured by me. The USAA (True Car) service was only $300 less than Costco. It was the AAA program that really lagged in the good deal category. Their discount appeared to represent around 2%.

My choice, so far, is the BMW Riverside dealership, and the Costco buying program. I expect to see the paperwork completed and the order confirmed within a week. However, I’m beginning to learn nothing in the automobile sales business is based on honor, trust, reputation or moral correctness. It may well top the list of businesses where the bottom line price matters more than anything else. So, until I have a confirmed vehicle order number along with a price guarantee, free of potential additions, I’m not assuming a done deal yet exists.

On Friday, October 24th, I sent in paperwork and a deposit to the BMW dealership in Riverside. The car I’ve configured using BMW website tools will be ordered from the factory in Germany. It’s expected delivery date, at my doorstep, is 8 to 10 weeks away. Though not in time for Christmas, a new car in a New Year is now part of my future.


BMW M235i Coupe
Exterior Color: Glacier Silver Metallic
Interior Color: Coral Red/Black

Options: Glacier Silver Metallic, Coral Red/Black, Dakota Leather Upholstery, Driver Assistance Plus, Driver Assistance Package, Technology Package, Harman/Kardon Surround Sound System, Enhanced USB & Bluetooth Plus Smartphone Integration, Anti-Theft Alarm System, Premium Package



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