Mother Nature’s Misting System Malfunction

July 18th, 2015
       This morning’s paddle boat – oops – bicycle ride, despite the high humidity levels, started out rather pleasant. The dark clouds overhead shielded the riding route from the usual harsh summer sun and wind-in-your-face from riding the bike turned the daily activity into a pleasant morning outing. All that changed when I encountered evidence that Mother Nature’s Misting System had been turned on and it then began to drip rather than mist.  

        Half way through the ride the entire misting system completely malfunctioned and was replaced by lightning, thunder and light sprinkles. Those light rain sprinkles gave way to actual rain of the continuous all the way from the sky to the ground variety. Yep! It started getting wet out there. 

        Riding a bicycle in dry weather that gives way to rain always starts out refreshingly pleasant. All that pleasantness soon goes away when the bike tires throw wet pavement gunk up and it lands on me. Even worse is the amount of wet pavement gunk that passing motor vehicles lob in my direction. That’s when I’m ready for the ride to end – but this morning that time was about ten miles from home. 

        My rainy, very wet, thunder and lightning return ride home ended around 9:30 am. Following arrival I removed my wet clothes, wrung water from the t-shirt, and loudly. I later called out to Mother Nature my thanks for her selection of morning weather offerings. Also asked for a bit more warning next time – and certainly one better than the predicted 60% chance of rain after 10 am forecast that had led me to believe my ride would not be a wet one. 

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July 19, 2015
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