Honored by the NRA!

August 31st, 2014

Once again I’ve received a communication via U.S. Postal Service from the National Rifle Association of America. This time they’ve chosen me “to represent gun owners in your area” by completing a “2014 National Gun Owner’s ACTION SURVEY” on their behalf.

The ACTION SURVEY consists of twelve Yes-No-No opinion questions about the Second Amendment to our United States Constitution, about guns, or gun owners, the Obama gun-ban agenda, and the NRA. The survey form includes a carbon copy for me to file with my records. And it has an eight-digit Registration Number.

I’m not a gun owner!. Nevertheless, the NRA has additionally honored me by providing an invitation to join their organization. They’ve offered to reduce their normally $35 one year membership term fee to $25. And, if I quickly take advantage of their generous offer, they will send me a “FREE NRA Pocketknife!”.

Fortunately the ACTION SURVEY, the reduced membership fee offer and the promise of a “FREE NRA Pocketknife!” don’t appear to have an expiration date so there’s no need for an immediate decision on my part. However, the accompanying letter does urge me to Act Now! For now I think I’ll just bask in the limelight that accompanies the honor of having been chosen to represent gun owners in my area. Even though I know almost nothing about guns (but I did own a B-B Gun once), will do my best to represent my gun-owning constituents.


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