Flaunting Humanoid Sighting

March 24th, 2017

          This morning’s pre-dawn walk with Tessa started out at a rather cold 53 degrees. We just returned and are still recovering from the unexpected visual event that marred our morning’s experience.

          While walking along the coldest portion of the path through Mesquite Country Club golf greens we encountered another dog accompanied by a somewhat elderly Neanderthalish Humanoid creature. It was partially clothed in Shorts plus T-shirt – and flaunting bare arms! Make that FLAUNTING bare arms! The view of naked flesh was one from which the eyes of women, children and small doggies should be hidden. This Neanderthalish Humanoid creature must be one that chews icicles for breakfast.

          Tessa was clothed in her winter sweater. I was wearing three clothing layers, including a hoodie plus down jacket, my leather shoes with toe warmers, gloves and a frozen smile on my face.

          We safely returned home where a pot of coffee was soon ready. It was really needed for the air temperature in the residence had plummeted to 70 degrees during our absence. Sadly, there was no firewood waiting to be chopped for the fireplace, so we’re taking a grin and bear it attitude, while waiting for the Sun to make its appearance.

          Flaunting naked flesh…….wow! Should it be reported to someone?

Bond Shands
March 24, 2017
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