Female Toy Poodle Puppy Search

January 25th, 2016

          As many know my lovable little puppy, Princess Camo, passed away last year a month before her 17th birthday. I continue to mourn her passing and am also grieving a bit over not having a doggy companion. So I’ve finally started searching for a new little doggy friend.

          Camo was an apricot hair color female toy poodle who weighed less than seven pounds. She was the third toy poodle I’ve shared my life with. Her two predecessors were both black and male. Camo left me preferring female doggy companions and a preference for an apricot or similar light hair color. 

          I’m now actively seeking a female toy poodle puppy under a year in age and preferably with apricot hair color or a similar lighter color shade. I’m prepared to travel anywhere in Southern California to see a puppy for I’m not interested in getting one I’ve not seen. I also have no interest in working through a third-party puppy broker. Also, I have no intention of showing or breeding the puppy I hope to find.

          Please share this message with anyone who might be able to facilitate my search. (UPDATE: My search ended January 28th when I found a new puppy. Thanks to all who sent information and notes of support).


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