The Desert Sun’s 90th Birthday Celebration

December 7th, 2017

The Desert Sun’s Executive Editor and staff hosted a 90th Birthday Open House celebration Wednesday, December 6th from 5 to 6:30 pm (90 minutes).

Executive Editor Greg Burton welcomed the crowd of guests reporters and staff members in the newspaper’s Community Room. Many were drinking Apple Cider or munching on cookies, crackers plus cheese and/or turkey. After he had finished speaking Burton cut the celebratory birthday cake.

Burton’s comments included a history of the publication since its 1927 founding in the Coachella Valley. More about that history appear’s in his December article at He also covered a list of FAQs including many of those listed in “The Desert Sun Turns 90” summary page.

Following Burton’s report those present were divided into groups of ten with each headed by a Desert Sun staff member. Each group was led on a planned tour of the newspapers multi-floor facilities. Staff members were waiting at each of the sections to describe the function and answer questions. Among the areas visited were the Studio Room, Advertising, Editorial, Reporting and Printing Press.

I found both the Editorial section and the Printing Press among the most fascinating and informative. The large TV screen in the Editorial Section utilizes computer software to continually monitor online statistics from the digital version of the paper. Updating statistics included numbers of viewers, number reading an article, how long, and much more. The Printing Press was in operation during our visit and we observed papers moving along to the end of the automated ramp and being bundled.

I enjoyed The Desert Sun’s 90 minutes 90th Anniversary celebration. The opportunity to learn more about behind the scenes workings of our local newspaper, to meet so many from the staff, including reporters, and to visit areas where the newspaper work is actually performed was both informative and enjoyable.

Photos here include the Summary Page FAQs, the Printing Press room and those in our 10-member group.

Bond Shands
December 7, 2017
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