Coyotes Looking for Breakfast

July 3rd, 2016

          Contessa Le Rouge (aka “Tessa”) and I do a morning 4.2 mile walk. Our route takes us past Tahquitz Creek and along the borders of the local Mesquite Country Club golf course.

          This morning Tessa, walking behind me, stopped and I then turned to see the reason. There, standing about 100 feet away, were two youngish-looking coyotes trailing us but on the golf course grounds. I assume they were seeking breakfast. We continued on our way and they soon gave up and headed into the golf course.

          Further along our route I saw another youngish-looking coyote and he was more persistent in tracking us. I finally tired of his presence, picked Tessa up, and began making aggressive moves and sounds while moving towards the animal. He seemed to understand my purpose and threat, for he repeatedly backed away and eventually started running away from us.

          Here in Coachella Valley coyotes are a common sight and in years past Camo, my previous doggy companion, and I have been followed by packs of up to half-dozen members. None has dared come too close to us. In recent years the coyote populations appears to have declined significantly and our encounters are rather infrequent.

This morning’s lone breakfast seeking animal managed to remain still long enough for the following photo.

Coyote Sighting

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