More Coyote Breakfast Seekers

July 4th, 2016

          This morning’s 5 a.m. long walk with Tessa saw us again being shadowed for brief distances by coyotes. The first one, on El Cielo Road near Tahquitz Creek never came close but paralleled our route for about a mile before our paths separated.

          The second coyote, looking quite youngish, approached our path bordering the Mesquite Country Club golf course near its western terminus at Desert Chapel road. It came quite close and the photo was taken when it was nearby. The early morning hour didn’t have enough light to reflect off the animal and its surroundings and that explains its dark background.

          The photo of Tessa is of her sitting on the walkway path apparently not particularly concerned by the coyote who was a short distance away. Am beginning to suspect Tessa will never make it as an actor for she appears never ready for a photo close-up.

Coyote and Tessa

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