Coachella Valley Recycled Water Myth

March 27th, 2015

     Today I learned that Recycled Water in Coachella Valley consists of more than just wastewater that’s been cleansed and made available for non-potable second use. According to an online report from KESQ  TV it appears the local Desert Water Agency in Palm Springs adds fresh water to the wastewater mix and that’s their version of “recycled”. Read the KESQ report using the link below.

     It leaves me with several questions.

  • Is recycled water sold for a cheaper rate than fresh water customers pay?
  • Do Recycled Water customers adhere to any water conservation standards?
  • When local water agencies boast that valley water customers have met the 20% water reduction goal, did any part of that “reduction” occur as a result of fresh water customers switching monitored fresh water to unreported Recycled Water status?

Bond Shands
March 27, 2015
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