Clipping Tessa

March 20th, 2016

          Today my third effort at clipping Tessa’s always ever-growing hair occurred. The result confirmed my continuing suspicion that it’s a task requiring talent, expertise and a willing subject. None of these were present during this morning’s puppy clipping episode. She moved, backed, squirmed, wiggled and in other ways made clear her lack of interest in having been chosen to participate in such a dumb activity.

          The task’s result may not rise to the quality standards of a going-out-of-business beauty parlor, but there’s little more that could be done in the absence of a team of handlers and experienced clipping artists.

          Didn’t manage to finish the job without drawing a bit of blood. Blood, that is, mine – not her’s! Time to check the Wall Street Journal and see about investing in a Band-Aid manufacturer’s stock. My supply constantly needs replenishing. Am wondering whether all puppies have such healthy teeth and nails? Tessa’s appear to be of first rate quality.

          Many who have seen other photos of Tessa may not notice any difference in the ones below. Nevertheless, they were taken after the clipping experience and, while neither of us feel particularly gratified by the experience, we are both thankful the job is finished.

Tessa on Rug

Tessa On Rug Upright

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