Cirque du Soleil – “Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities”

January 17th, 2016

Cirque du Soleil Stage
          My sister Judy and I attended the Saturday Jan 16th performance of Cirque du Soleil – “Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities”. The performance venue was in a huge traveling tent pitched in the Los Angeles Dodger Stadium parking lot. This latest Cirque presentation opened in December and runs through Feb 7th.

          The Los Angeles times gave the show rave reviews and I fully concur. Reporter Daryl H. Miller wrote “The show, in the Dodger Stadium parking lot, also excels at making the familiar seem new, a not insignificant feat. Because, let’s face it, after 28 years of visits and a superhuman fertility of shows, Cirque has become so ubiquitous that fatigue sometimes sets in. But this time, even the most familiar acts deliver surprises.”

          The evening’s entertainment, which might be termed an acrobatic musical, consisted of more than a dozen acts. Among them were a solo trapeze act, incredible stacked cylinders balancing act atop a levitating platform, areal feats performed by muscular male conjoined twins billed as “two Siamese twins”, an unbelievable balanced-chairs act, a shape-shifting clown, trio of contortionists, a yo-yo artist, and much, much more kept the audience entertained and consistently surprised.

          The Time Machine theme, robots, train looping through the audience, costumes designed with an early 1900 look, and music written for the performance and so many costumed routines not only served as a backdrop to the acrobatics, but also earned top honors for their place in the production.

As reporter Miller wrote, the show “inspires wonder, awe, excitement, suspense … and an itch to make more frequent trips to the gym.”

          Cameras are not permitted during the performance. Judy and I arrived early, took photos of the stage and of ourselves sitting in the wheelchair section. One of the staff insisted at least one of the photos had to include me wearing his special hat.

Judy & Bond at Cirque du Soleil 2a

Judy & Bond at Cirque du Soleil 1a

          The link to information about the show is: and the  Los Angeles Times review link is:

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