Shoes With Lifetime Warranties

September 19th, 2017

          Why do shoes wear out? So many products come with lifetime warranties, why don’t they produce shoes that carry lifetime warranties? Surely this is a subject that needs the attention of a Congressional Committee. No shoe manufacturer appears to be offering products with lifetime warranties. Should we assume shoe manufacturer collusion is the reason? After all, shoe products aren’t cheap, and these businesses make lots of money from shoe replacements.

          My favorite pair of New Balance walking shoes is showing signs of wear. In fact, they may not last through the upcoming winter season. I can’t understand why they appear to be falling apart. I’m certain they’re less than five years old and don’t believe I’ve put more than 1,500-2,000 miles on them in each year. Why are they showing signs of age?

          There’s more than two dozen pairs of boots and shoes in my closet. And I wear some of them. But my daily walking shoes, the ones I start out wearing each morning, are my white New Balance walking shoes. At least they were white when new. This is not a the way I had planned on spending my Golden Years. Breaking in another pair of decent walking shoes is not only a painful prospect, it’ll hurt the checkbook, as well. I’ll bet such problems were never faced in years past when civilized society included cobblers who repaired shoes.

          Look at the photos. These shoes should have lasted another five years. Why are they falling apart? Our nation needs a citizen shoe lobby to force Congress to fix this problem. Where is the leadership we so desperately need to organize and lead this cause?



Bond Shands
September 19, 2017
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Palm Springs Hurricane Wind Storm

March 30th, 2017

Palm Springs, California.

.          Wow! Palm Springs is in the midst of a major windstorm. The police department sent out a text alert advising motorists to stay off the road. Scheduled events have or are being cancelled. In my area of south Palm Springs the winds are the most severe I’ve seen since 2007 and 2008. The corner street name sign has blown off its pole. Lots of dust and flying debris in the air. The high winds started in the early afternoon and are expected to continue until 11 pm, according to the National Weather Service.

.          Recent rains made me aware of a roof leak and I decided last week that my roof needed to be water-proofed. That meant lifting the tile, removing and replacing the underlay with a two-step foam covering, and then resetting the tile pieces back in place. In order to accomplish the work it was also necessary to have my 23 solar energy panels disconnected and moved off the tile areas. The work started on Monday.

.          By midday today the roofing underlay work had been completed and the roofer, Valley Urethane Foam Roofing, was waiting on the second city inspection. The solar energy panels were stacked in two piles on my flat roof garage. The tile pieces were neatly stacked in various areas of the roof. The roofer was hopeful all work would be completed by Saturday and the solar panels once again mounted on their roof fastenings. The roofing crew was no longer on hand and instead had moved on to other projects.

.          Wind gusts, reportedly in excess of 55 mph, hit Palm Springs this afternoon and I’m certain those winds. Those winds are currently blowing at 55+ mph in my area. There’s debris everywhere including lots and losts of stuff from neighboring Palm Trees. One of my fruit trees has lost a trunk with branches – and the broken section is laying on the ground.  Just received a text from the local newspaper that states “High winds wreaking havoc across the Valley”. They can add my residence to that list.

.          Perhaps the greatest loss at this point is damage to the solar panels that were stacked on the roof. One was blown off and onto my pool patio. Two others were thrown around and appear no longer usable. They will have to be replaced.

.          The very good news is the concern and attention shown by my roofer and the solar panel service he recommended that I use. Both gentlemen immediately responded to my calls. The roofing manager arrived on the scene (his crew had already left) and he personally climbed the roof in the blowing wind to secure the remaining solar panels. The solar panel vendor, Mitch Tatro, phoned, apologized profusely, and assured me there would be no cost to me with respect to replacing my solar energy panels.

.          Looking forward to a calmer day tomorrow – though the prospect of cleaning all the debris from the two yards and patio grounds is not one I relish.

Solar panel laying on pool deck.

Broken tree trunk laying on ground.

View of tiles stacked on roof.

Bond Shands
March 30, 2017
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Happy Thanksgiving from Tessa

November 24th, 2016

          Contessa Le Rouge, aka Tessa, sends Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all her friends (she considers everyone a friend).

          Monday, Nov 28th, she’ll be one year old.She’s all ready for the big day having visited the VCA Animal Hospital beautification center for their haute couture fashion treatment (bath, brush, nail trim and some foo foo water smelly stuff to enhance her already pleasantly near-perfection scent). The fresh look will soon diminish following time spent playing in the wet grass while chasing birds and alerting all to her presence.

          The photo was taken during morning sunlight. She’s bravely attempting to pose while facing the sun.

Tessa - Back from Grooming

Tessa – Back from Grooming

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Southern California Edison Monopoly

October 20th, 2016

          I recently closed the Edison electricity account at my former residence. It has solar energy panels that produce electricity which supplements  my energy needs. When the panels produced energy in excess of those needs the excess was fed into the Edison grid. Each year Edison sent a bill for the amount of electricity used in excess of the amount produced by the solar panels. That annual amount, usually less than $500, represented my total Edison energy and delivery cost for the year (government taxes were billed separately each month).

          Since the residence was vacant for several months before the Edison account was closed, the solar panels produced more energy than was used during that period. The final Edison bill showed the panels had produced 415 kWh surplus energy and the value totalled $355.07 that was owed me – had the account remained open.

          The closing Edison bill reflected a dollar credit of $62.03. Not the $355.07 credit shown in the statement – just $62.03.  In conversations with Edison staff I was advised that Edison only purchases user-generated power at the wholesale rate. I then asked about transferring the energy credit to my current Edison account but was advised that would not be allowed. My reaction to this situation is that a customer rip-off situation exists with respect to those who have solar energy panels. It certainly makes the case that customers should not install more solar panels than needed for their energy use needs.

          As for Edison and their energy markup monopoly privileges, it appears the public utility is delivering energy they purchase or produce to customers after a 570% markup. That, in my opinion, amounts to an absolute rip-off.

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Pool Weather

May 17th, 2016

Today was the first time I’ve used my pool. Right now the sky is a bit overcast but earlier and through the noon hour the sun shone brightly and it was a perfect day for the pool.

The pool water temperature was around 76 degrees so there was no need to have it heated. After laying in the sun for better than an hour, another hour floating in the pool was just the ticket.

All that time floating also allows one to think, review and solve all the world’s problems……… So, if asked for life’s answers, have a bunch of offerings based on lots of mistakes, errors, false assumptions, gossip, opinions of others and the almost sometimes believable offerings of the media.

Pool View #2

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