Little Tessa Doggy Attacked by a Coyote

July 27th, 2018

          Yesterday morning (Thursday, July 26th) around 5:15 am little Tessa doggy and I started our morning walk. We were moving slowly because she normally makes several dumps and I have my bag and papers out to pick up afterwards. She walks closely behind on her retractable leash and I can feel from the tension when she stops. 

          Less than half a block from our front door a large coyote snuck up and grabbed her. She cried out, I turned, the coyote immediately dropped her, and it started running away. Another coyote waiting across the street also started running. They soon reached the end of the block where they turned and quickly moved out of sight. Coyote teeth broke the skin on Tessa’s tummy but not seriously. Although apparently shaken by the incident she otherwise seems OK.

          I didn’t want to turn back and leave her at home alone, so carried her with me for the first couple of miles of the morning walk. Afterwards, when she struggled for me to set her down, she appeared OK. That assessment appeared to be confirmed by her aroused interest in nearby rabbits.

          I am really surprised to have encountered coyotes outside my front door. I live in a fully developed neighborhood. While these two coyotes are known to those of us who frequent the golf course I’ve not heard of them coming into neighborhoods like ours. And, of course, the brazen act of coming right up behind me and grabbing my puppy is almost unbelievable.

          The photo is up Tessa out on the golf course path about an hour after the coyote incident. She looks as if nothing happened. We’re both home now and she’s laying on the cool tile floor probably happy to be back.

Tessa’s Coyote Attack Followup Report

          After little Tessa doggy’s attack yesterday morning by a Coyote I took her to her Veterinarian at the Palm Springs Animal Hospital. My concern was the bite mark on her tummy and that it was bleeding a bit.

          At the Animal Hospital Tessa received a complete checkup from her Veterinarian and a technician. It was explained that Coyote bites present a significant concern because of the strong possibility of bacterial infection from the Coyote’s mouth. It was recommended that Tessa undergo complete preventative-care treatment along with surgery to close the wound on her tummy.

          The prescribed treatment was an expensive undertaking but necessary to insure Tessa healed properly and did not become infected. The following are a list of the items from her Animal Hospital invoice:

1 Consultation/Office Visit (the initial examination)
1 InHouse – NSAID (6 Checm) Panel +
1 Clip/Clean
1 M040 – Aerobic Culture-MIC + Anae
1 Melotoxicam Oral 1.5 mg/ml – 10 mL (a prescription)
20 Enrofloxacin 22.7 mg #24988 (a prescription)
1 Injection SQ – Convenia (20 lbs or less)
1 Surgery (Dr. Chang)
1 Injection IV – Dexdormitor/Torb?Anti

          The following points about her care were explained.
a. Tessa would be sedated after first being tested to determine the presence of any problems from sedation.
b. Culture samples from the wound would be taken and analyzed to determine the absence/presence of bacteria in the wound.
c. Surgery, while Tessa is sedated, would be required to clean the wound and suture it closed.
d. An Injection to overcome infection would be required.
e. Follow-up prescriptions to be administered at home would be needed.
f. Tessa would need to wear a neck guard to prevent her from reaching the sutured wound area with her mouth and tongue.

          During the verbal report I received following completion of surgery and related services, it was explained the wound was deeper than it first appeared but, luckily, had not penetrated the stomach wall. Otherwise, all went quite well.

          Tessa now has a drain in place near the sutures which will remain until an Animal Hospital followup visit on Monday. She also has a guard around her head to prevent her from reaching the sutured area with her mouth or tongue.

          It’s been said the cure is often worse than the cause. That appears to be true in the current instance with Tessa. Yesterday following the Coyote bite she seemed to be pretty happy and active. Today, following yesterday’s surgery, she’s very lethargic and did not want to walk this morning at all.

          Hopefully, with the passage of time, she’ll quickly feel better.

          Sure wish I had that Coyote’s address so I could send him the bill…….

Bond Shands

July 27, 2018
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8th Annual RUN FOR IKE 5K

March 31st, 2018
    This morning, Saturday March 31st, Tessa and I limited our regular morning walk to 3.5 miles. The reason was to allow time for us to participate in the 8th Annual RUN FOR IKE 5K event starting at 8am. It’s a fundraiser for the PSPD (Palm Springs Police Department) K-9 unit. She and I were registered as #397.

    We were among the 600+ runners, joggers, walkers, baby buggies and dogs that participated in the 5k (about 3.1 miles) event. Afterwards the local Lions Club provided free pancake breakfasts together with sausage, orange juice, apple juice and water. When we reached the finish line I received a RUN FOR IKE 5k Finisher medal and Tessa received a bag of doggy treats. While eating my pancake breakfast (sadly, no coffee) Tessa sampled the treats.

    Afterwards we spent time taking photos. Tessa posed for photos with CHP Officer “Chipper”, PSPD Chief Brian Reyes, sitting before the Starting Line, the Finish Line and the 3 Mile Marker.

    The event started on the Police Department headquarters grounds populated by a number of information booths. In addition to three PSPD booths (Meet the Chief, COPS-Citizens on Patrol, Search & Rescue, SWAT display) there were booths setup by Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter, California Highway Patrol, Desert Water Agency, PET Companion magazine and others.

    We were finished and back home before 10am. According to my Fitbit wristband it credited us with 16,634 steps and 8.25 miles for the combined morning walk and K-9 run/walk event. Tessa, of course, walked more than 16,634 steps.

Bond Shands
March 31, 2018
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Palm Springs Breaking Dawn Views

March 22nd, 2018

This morning when Tessa and I started our walk there with dark clouds overhead with a stray bolt of lightning and sprinkles of rain. Within a quarter hour the rain sprinkles had stopped and the clouds started thinning. We entered the Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort grounds just as dawn began to break. We saw light in the east that appeared almost fire like. The light show lasted for less than a quarter hour but it was quite spectacular. In the west we saw a half rainbow on the southeast side of Mount San Jacinto. Later we encountered the resident road runner bird and he allowed us to take a number of photos. Near the end of our walk Tessa and I posed for selfies.

Bond Shands
March 22, 2018
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Tessa Needs More Toys

December 28th, 2017

On Christmas Eve one of Tessa’s admirers stopped by with gifts for her including some treats, a festive Crown for her head, and a new Panda Bear toy. She loves it all and the Panda Bear is already on its way to decapitation or other evidence of chew satisfaction.

Yesterday when Tessa and I returned from the evening walk, in our entryway we found a large “Peanuts” stocking filled with eight toys. The contents, balls, ropes, and plush figures have been added to her toy collection. There was no card from her admirer so we don’t know for certain who left Tessa the “Peanuts” stocking of toys.

Tessa’s toy collection fills two baskets plus another half dozen scattered around “our” bedroom and more outside on the patio. Surveying the entire collection could give the impression she has cornered the market on toys. Does she need more? After all, she just turned two years of age. At this rate of toy acquisition, we may have to rent a storage facility somewhere to hold her treasures.


Bond Shands
December 28, 2017
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Santa Paws 5k Report

December 16th, 2017

 The Sixth Annual Santa Paws 5k Run/Walk/Stroll/Crawl

The annual Santa Paws 5k event, sponsored by our local Lions Club, benefits Guide Dogs of the Desert. Registered contestants are provided with Santa Claus suits (jacket, pants, cap, beard, black belt and a white t-shirt), lots of upcoming race literature and a little candy cane. The route started at 9 am in the Temple Isaiah parking lot, and proceeded to follow a winding route north to Stevens (a block short of Vista Chino) where there’s an official mid-route water stop, before returning to the Finish Line at the starting point. There’s a separate event later in the morning for small kids on the nearby O’Donnell golf course.

I wore my Santa suit and was accompanied by Tessa who walked and jogged the route au natural. Most of those doing the event wore all or part of their Santa costume and many doggies wore Santa apparel. Men, women and children contestants included marathon runners, other runners, joggers, baby strollers, and lots of well-behaved doggies on leash. I don’t run or jog so Tessa had to pull me for much of the route, for her pace was quite a bit faster than my own.

We started the day at 6 am with our usual 4 mile walk. Managed a nice photo of the sky as dawn was breaking in the east. Clouds were noticeable but appeared to be clearing in the west. Later, around 8:30 am while seeking a parking spot, a few rain drop sprinkles hit the car, but it lasted less than 10 minutes. The significant cloud cover made the morning appear rather gloomy. That, however, made the 55 degree air temperature excellent for running and other physical activities. Like several others, I was dressed almost too warmly, but cooled off on the downhill section. As for rain, we didn’t encounter and during or after the event.

Since the event is an official timed race, RaceWire recorded all the finisher times. They captured the embarrassing finishing numbers for Tessa (and me). Overall we were 361 out of 489 finishers, 189 out of 229 male finishers, and 6th out of 6 in our age group. If I had followed Tessa’s urging to pick up the pace, we would have done better.

Photos of the race/walk also include the one from the early dawn morning walk.

This was our third annual Santa Paws 5k event and we plan on another repeat next year.

Bond & Tessa

Bond Shands
December 15, 2017
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