Camo Shands – A Special Dog

May 14th, 2015

     My very special little doggy, “Princess” Camo, following consultation with her Veterinarian, was put to sleep this morning at VCA Desert Animal Hospital here in Palm Springs. Next month, June 18th, would have marked her 17th birthday. She had been my little companion and bed partner most of her life. Despite her advanced years she continued to look very much like a pretty little lady doggy. Any difference in age or appearance in photos from 2004 and 2013 is not apparent.

      Camo was an Apricot colored toy poodle who weighed just under seven pounds. She was always energetic, definitely a type “A” personality, one who really loved people and especially enjoyed opportunities to meet and make new friends. She felt a bit intimidated by larger or aggressive dogs so didn’t enjoy their company as much as she did her human friends.

     Camo’s age began to show last year when serious arthritis made walking difficult, sometimes painful and for that reason our daily walks were discontinued by the end of 2014. This year the decline in her health and bodily functions, along with obvious signs of increasing senility, became noticeable. Loss of hearing, greatly diminished vision, poor chewing capabilities due to loss of teeth, loss of control over bowel and urination functions and 22+ hours of sleep each day served to make her less of a companion and more like an elderly relative in need of care. She was moved out of “our” bedroom and into two small rooms for full use so her waking movements were not restrained. Two days ago she lost nerve control functions over both rear legs along with her front right one, as well, and was unable to stand at all. She stopped eating and I had to hold her over the water bowl in order for her to drink. Last night she moaned and cried constantly and that left me concerned she was in great pain. Today we visited her Veterinarian who confirmed my fears that it was time for her to go to sleep. The Veterinarian indicated the reason for her rapid decline and quite recent loss of leg nerve control may be a brain tumor.

     Camo was my third dog and they’ve all been small, toy pedigree poodle breeds. The first two were males while she was a female. Each had their own personality and losing them, as so many pet owners can attest, is a heartbreaking time. I try and comfort myself in the firm belief she was suffering and helping her enjoy that final sleep was the right step to take. I know I’ll miss her greatly, I already do so right now, but have lots of photos and good memories of her time with me.

     My thanks to Andrea and other friends who have provided comfort and support during this year’s closing days with Camo.

Bond Shands
Thursday – May 14, 2015
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Camo Shands - A Special Dog

Click to view Palm Springs Animal Shelter website tribute to Camo.


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