Back Home in Palm Springs

June 30th, 2017

Back Home in Palm Springs

          Tessa and I navigated The Rambo RV down the mountain and are now back home in Palm Springs. We returned in the late afternoon. The heat wave that hit when the RV door was opened felt like standing in front of a roaring fire or an open oven. Compared to the 90s temperatures we left in the Silent Valley Club RV resort, the heat in Palm Springs was not particularly pleasant.

          We’ve both since recovered from flirting with possible heatstroke and have become accustomed to the cooler 80 degrees temperature inside the residence. We’re both hardy types and are ready for almost anything (so long as it’s not outdoors).

          Tessa really enjoyed our time in the mountain community. We took many long walks and she was able to spend lots of time outdoors guarding our campsite from marauding bunny rabbits, noisy squirrels, chattering birds, occasional deer, a fleeting coyote and the unseen creatures of the night. She’s proving to be a great guard doggy who is possessed of excellent vocal chords that produce vast quantities of high-pitched sound.

          Tessa’s routine at home often consists of resting so that she can be ready should there be need of her services. The photos show her in one of the many resting modes she favors.

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June 30, 2017
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