Another Weekend in Silent Valley

July 12th, 2017

          Late Monday afternoon Tessa and I drove The Rambo home from our weekend stay in the mountainside Silent Valley Club membership RV resort. We had managed to escape the record-setting temperatures Coachella Valley residents experienced during our absence. The 115+ daily temperatures had not seriously abated by the time we returned and the contrast to Silent Valley’s cooler days was significant. Neighbors here in Palm Springs tell me it has cooled a bit but I think they’ve lost touch with the true meaning of the word “cool”. Even the five-mile walk Tessa and I take starting at 5 am through the golf course occurs during temperatures approaching the 90s. Silent Valley’s near 4,000 ft altitude experienced temperatures ranging from the 60s to the warmer 90s. Why did we return to Palm Springs? Well, we’ve proved we can take it so, with nothing else to prove, it’s time for intelligent thinking.

          Tessa and I are leaving tomorrow afternoon – we’ve had enough of the “cooler” Palm Springs daily temperatures. We’re taking The Rambo, our RoadTrek home on wheels, back up to Silent Valley for yet another long weekend. Don’t plan to return before Tuesday. We’ve ready to brave the remotely possible occasional winds, maybe a chilly morning, an abundance of shade trees, a country atmosphere and free entertainment events while contributing to a cooler Palm Springs by removing the source of our body heat from the valley’s floor.

          Tessa is ready to go back to Silent Valley. While there she gets more walks and they occur throughout the day.  She appears to greatly enjoy the additional exercise. Until then she’s managing to conserve her strength and energy in ways similar to those in the attached photos.


p.s. I’ve grown accustomed to doing without my cell phone connection during these long weekends. My AT&T carrier doesn’t have a tower in that area so no iPhone calls or message checking until we return. There is local Wi-Fi service in the Community Center and I use it twice daily to check email messages and read the online version of the LA Times. 

Bond Shands
July 12, 2017
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