Another Weekend in the Silent Valley RV Resort

June 15th, 2017

.          Tomorrow, bright and early, well…..certainly bright but perhaps not so early, The  Rambo, Tessa and I will be heading up the mountain for a 4 day weekend escape from the heat. Although unplanned, we’ll be returning in time for Tuesday’s predicted 120 degree temperatures.

.          We’ll be staying (again) at the Silent Valley Club RV Resort a few miles north of the little Idyllwild-Pine Grove community. The tree-shaded valley Club altitude is just below 4,000 ft which, hopefully, will escape the high Coachella valley temperatures predicted from now through next Wednesday.

.          When we arrive The Rambo will be attached to water, power and sewage. Our home on wheels will then be ready for occupancy. Tessa enjoyed our last visit and one of the reasons may be the number of walks we take together. The perimeter walk around the resort is about three miles and there are also a number of other roads and paths to explore.

.          Our Silent Valley Club resort stay will be a freebie the Club provides in exchange for listening to a 90 minute presentation on purchase of a Club membership. It’s still too early in RV ownership to consider which, if any, resort memberships to purchase. Last week I attended a “high pressure” two-hour sales presentation at the Cherry Valley RV resort in Beaumont. I was surprised at the membership asking price which amounted to many thousands of dollars for a 6 year, or longer, membership. Probably should add I didn’t find the Cherry Valley grounds particularly attractive and have no plans to take advantage of the free nights offered in exchange for listening to the presentation. Am hoping the Silent Valley Club presentation will provide a better understanding of the benefits, etc., of membership in an RV resort.

.          Looking forward to tomorrow’s planned brief escape from high temperatures. Am taking some German Chocolate Cake with me to assist my survival at the higher altitude.

.          In the photo of Tessa, taken on Flag Day, she’s practicing for our upcoming weekend excursion.

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June 15, 2017
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