Another Miserable Time-Consuming Computer Problem.

October 14th, 2014

Last evening around 9:30 pm my computer systems lost their connection to the Internet. No obvious reason and no clue about the failure’s cause. Finally determined the problem was not software. It was hardware and the culprit was either my cable modem or wireless router. By the time that part of the problem had been deciphered, it was way late in the evening and time for bed.

Today I had to make time to continue investigating the computer failure to connect with the Internet. I found the cable modem seemed to be working properly. The wireless router also worked. The problem finally surfaced when I found these two pieces of hardware had stopped communicating with each other. Many hours later, and after testing with substitute non-wireless routers, I determined the fault was in the wireless router. It will have to be replaced.

Don’t have extra wireless routers so had to order one- probably from It will take a week for it to get here. Until then my systems will be without Wi-Fi (that’s the big feature of the wireless router). It means my iPad will be useless unless I run down to Starbucks or another public Wi-Fi location. Also, my 3g iPhone won’t be able to use Wi-Fi when I’m home. And my wireless Wi-Fi printer will get an unplanned vacation. Other Wi-Fi hardware in my home also have wired connections so the loss of Wi-Fi is not really a catastrophe. Stress levels, on the other hand, peaked considerably.

These are the events which cause me to seriously question the wisdom, sanity and honesty of whoever coined the phrase “user friendly” with respect to computers. I’ve yet to encounter user friendliness when it comes to anything remotely connected with computer systems. And I’ve been playing with these toys since acquiring my first one, an Osborne “transportable”, in 1981. When it comes to keeping them working, it never seems to get easier.

Artificial intelligence, when it arrives, will definitely find a welcoming atmosphere in my home. The current crop of dumb computers require too much hand-holding and I sometimes question whether they justify their existence. 

– The End –

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