Among the Hillary Haters

March 19th, 2015


“Among the Hillary Haters”


     Does anyone remember the “Troopergate” untruthful dirty political rumor attack launched by GOP operatives against Bill Clinton in 1993? Arkansas state troopers claimed they had arranged sexual liaisons for then-governor Clinton. The troopers and their story have since been discredited by the American Spectator reporter who has since admitted “the exposé based on the troopers was politically motivated” and “The troopers were greedy and had slimy motives.”

     How about another GOP operative smear campaign – this one titled “Swift Boat” conducted by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth against against US Presidential Candidate John Kerry in 2004? They succeeded in ruining the reputation of a genuine Vietnam war hero thereby discrediting his presidential campaign.

     Well – we won’t have to wait long before the GOP smear teams fill the our various public media sources with similar and perhaps more carefully planned attacks on (not yet announced) presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The Atlantic Magazine has a great story (it’s rather long) about the history of past GOP smear campaigns and shares insight into what’s already being planned against Ms. Clinton.

     It’s really a shame there’s little honor in these national races. I realize it’s always been that way dating back to the beginning of our Republic. Nevertheless, the average citizen shouldn’t have to keep dark glasses and fresh air scent nearby whenever they are exposed to political messages. It’s really a damn shame!

Bond Shands
March 19, 2015
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Click here for link to Atlantic magazine story.


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