Silent Valley Club – The Sunday Dog Show

September 3rd, 2017

       Labor Day weekend festivities in the Silent Valley Club resort included a judged dog show for mostly untitled canines. Her ladyship, The Contessa Le Rouge, lent an air of nobility to the proceedings by agreeing to participate as a contestant.

       Three lady judges, plus a moderator, had selected seven categories to be judged. Contestants were permitted to choose and enter two of the categories. Each contestant received a raffle ticket along with a “Participant” ribbon.

       The judging category list included:
…..Happy Tail Wagging
…..Smallest dog
…..Best Trick
…..Largest dog
…..Couch Potato
…..Most Obedient

       There were no categories recognizing beauty, intelligence, beauty, vocal skills, beauty, agility, beauty, distance walking, beauty, charm, beauty, friendliness, beauty, noble lineage, beauty, pedigree, or beauty. Lacking a category that fit her many fine attributes, Tessa entered the Happy Tail Wagging and Most Obedient categories. She is presumed to have been an undeclared runner-up in her categories for others walked away with First Place honors.

       When the winning raffle ticket was drawn it turned out to be the one issued to Tessa. Her prize was a bag filled with dog treats, two plastic water bowls, waste bags and a food container. So, Tessa was pleased for she came away from the contest a definite winner.

Bond Shands
September 3, 2017
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