Flirting with a Coyote

April 28th, 2017

Flirting with a Coyote

.          This morning’s pre-dawn walk with Tessa found us on the Golf course well before sunrise. Our golf course route is one of the most pleasant ways to start the day. It’s quiet, peaceful and the paved paths are always very clean. Occasionally we encounter one of the friendly grounds staff with whom greetings are exchanged. One of the more noteworthy experiences on the route is the view provided during the segments that closely parallel rapidly flowing Tahquitz Creek. Our view  up the creek looking northwest includes both Mt San Jacinto and San Gorgonio Mountain. It’s a lovely sight.

.          We occasionally see coyotes during our walks and this morning was one of those occasions. Sometimes the critters are on the other side of the creek and pay little attention to us. This morning we encountered a youngish coyote on our side of the creek. He was obviously interested in a meet and greet – but not with me. Tessa would have liked a closer relationship but our thoughts differed on the subject.

.          The coyote did stop a short distance from us and posed for photos. He, or she, didn’t seem interested in joining us and after following a hundred feet, or so, reversed course and continued on it’s previous route down the creek. We did encounter several two-legged humanoids along the way but no more wild four-legged creatures.

.          Wasn’t able to accommodate Tessa by including her in any of the photos of the coyote. Maybe next time….. As for the photos of the coyote, there wasn’t much light so the animal’s image appears darker than was actually the case.

Bond Shands
April 28, 2017
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