Maharani Lucy Visits Tessa

March 2nd, 2017

          Yesterday afternoon I was away playing in my weekly bridge game session. During my absence the dominant voice in our residence, Contessa Le Rouge, hosted visiting royalty. Our nextdoor neighbor, the Maharani Lucy, along with attendants Suresh and Debra, stopped by for a visit. Whilst the watchful attendants, camera at hand, remained nearby, Tessa and Lucy frolicked together on the grass in the side yard. The location of their afternoon partying appeared to have satisfied their activity needs for neither is reported to have harshly addressed either of Maharani Lucy’s attendants.

          When I returned late in the afternoon I found Contessa Le Rouge perched while snoozing on her favorite lounge chair.

Lucy & Tessa

Bond Shands
March 2, 2017
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