Tessa – Now an Adult?

November 30th, 2016

 .          Now that her first birthday is behind her, Contessa Le Rouge – aka Tessa, probably considers herself an adult. I say that because of a noticeable change in her demeanor. She’s become more assertive, vocally demanding and sometimes even harsh. I must confess that at times my feelings have been hurt. When attempting to work in the garden, Tessa views it as an opportunity to play. If I fail to stop and play she becomes quite determined in making her wishes known. Should I pause from a moment and stand still while contemplating something around me, Tessa makes it clear she expects my full, immediate attention. I’ve become resigned to the prospect that my life from this point forward will be one that must become accustomed to harsh, assertive demands.

.          Now that the Holiday Season is in full swing, residence decorations are the order of the day. Tessa, showing  signs of almost restraint, offers her “help”.  Some of her help is evident from torn pieces of garland on the grass in the backyard. Nevertheless, the two of us (plus an aperitif for me) managed to finish the Holiday decorations with minimal stress and even a spirit of unexpected cooperation.

.          Today was the day the Santa Claus mannequin display was finished and placed near the front entrance. The Santa Claus outfit on it is the one I received last year as part of the Santa Paws 5k walk/race charity event.  In some of today’s photos, the four-legged creature posing in front of the door, is none other than dearest, loveable Tessa, proving once again that she can exhibit grace, tact and calmness when presented with a camera opportunity.

.          Tessa sends lots of doggy kisses together with Holiday Season Greetings to all her friends (everyone, everywhere).



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Tessa – Modeling Career Aspirations?

November 26th, 2016

.          Winter weather has arrived. That means it’s time for Contessa Le Rouge, aka Tessa,  to prepare outdoor attire that’s suitable for the cooler days ahead. Sweaters, of course, are high on the list of desirable outdoors wearing apparel.

.          Tessa won’t be visiting any of the high fashion sweater boutiques in the area. She already has an extensive wardrobe of chic fashionable garments, including a modest assortment of high-end designer sweaters.

.          Today Tessa was persuaded to model  selections from her collection of sweaters. She chose an Orange, a Brown and White, a Purple, and two different Red and White pieces from her closet.

tessa-orange-sweater tessa-brown-white-sweater tessa-purple-sweater tessa-red-white-sweater tessa-red-white-sweater2Bond Shands
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Happy Thanksgiving from Tessa

November 24th, 2016

          Contessa Le Rouge, aka Tessa, sends Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all her friends (she considers everyone a friend).

          Monday, Nov 28th, she’ll be one year old.She’s all ready for the big day having visited the VCA Animal Hospital beautification center for their haute couture fashion treatment (bath, brush, nail trim and some foo foo water smelly stuff to enhance her already pleasantly near-perfection scent). The fresh look will soon diminish following time spent playing in the wet grass while chasing birds and alerting all to her presence.

          The photo was taken during morning sunlight. She’s bravely attempting to pose while facing the sun.

Tessa - Back from Grooming

Tessa – Back from Grooming

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Tessa – Ready for Her Close-up

November 11th, 2016

.          Today Contessa Le Rouge (aka Tessa) practiced posing for a few  photo close-ups.  She sat and stood in the yard with Bougainvillea flowers serving as a backdrop. She’s waiting for a Hollywood TV or movie casting call that will make use of her many acting-quality talents. There are many starring (or significant supporting) roles she’s prepared to consider. The long list of her abilities and accomplishments includes the following.

…..  Handles squeaky toys with distinction, including throwing and making them squeal rather loudly (even louder than sound from the room TV or radio).

…..  Adept at alerting nearby feeding birds to her presence and quick to evidence proper aggressive moves that prevent them from spending excessive time at the bird feeders.

…..  Employs appropriate vocal sounds when communicating with living objects on the street side of our block wall fence.

…..  Soaks up large quantities of water from wet grass and transports it all safely indoors.

…..  Experienced at digging holes in flower beds and other areas designed for that purpose.

…..  Leaps without effort onto patio furniture and adorns surfaces with autograph-quality paw prints.

…..  Is able to assume a persona characteristic of a rambunctious tomboy at a moments notice.

…..  Excellent communicator of interest in sharing food from the dinner table.

…..  Willingness to respond to suggestions (formerly called “commands”) when time and interest permit.

…..  Has the equivalent of a mail order honorary degree in slumber and excels in that unique ability.

.          Contessa is currently available and willing to consider acting roles suitable for her many attributes. Please share news of her availability with the better movie/TV producers, directors and casting agents. In exchange she’ll pawtograph a special photo which the recipient will surely treasure.

Contessa Le Rouge Ready for Her Close-up

                 Contessa Le Rouge
           Ready for Her Close-up

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