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November 24th, 2015

Thankful for Equality Progress

Florida Puppy Sale Scam Artists

November 22nd, 2015

          This weekend I started an Internet search for poodle dog breeders in California. There were a number of responses to my search criteria (female, toy poodle, under 10 lbs, hair color) that possessed various types of breeder credentials. I learned that despite the large number of small poodle dogs available, most were males and none matched my hair color preferences.

          Yesterday I received an email from someone in Florida claiming response to my inquiry. In an exchange of messages they sent a photo of a very cute puppy together with a story about it having been intended for a grandchild. The price was listed as $500 (including air fare and other costs). Following a series of email exchanges, I was asked for my shipping address information, which I provided. Shortly afterwards I received several email messages and phone calls from a “shipping agency” asking confirmation and payment for my purchase.

At that point I had serious concerns about the swiftness of the transaction and other issues, as follows:

1.  The seller never disclosed an address or phone number.

2.  The paperwork documentation I had requested consisted of a phony “General Health Guarantee” form bearing an unreadable signature at bottom.
—  a.  The document had no heading nor other identifying information such as phone, address, etc.
—  b.  The document contained no information that would support the guarantee should it become necessary to enforce its provisions. 

Rexie Health Certificate
3.  I received several email messages and phone calls from both the seller and the “Local State Transporters” shipping company, all within 10 minutes, that reported my little toy poodle was ready for shipment and they needed my $500 payment. I didn’t immediately answer the first three phone calls (they went to voice mail) nor respond to the email messages.

4.  Each email from “Local State Transporters” included an official looking shipping document that included the following information:
          “Shipment is guaranteed within 8-12 hours maximum (today) after receipt of       payment via Moneygram or Western Union“.


I noticed that credit cards weren’t listed as a payment option so no recourse on my part should I choose their payment option choices. Also noted the document failed to list the shipper’s address.

          Following receipt of the fourth phone call I answered. After confirming it was from the Florida “shipping company” I simply advised the caller (broken English accent) that I had changed my mind. The caller quickly terminated the call.

          All phone calls and email messages stopped following my lack of interest reply, and I assume that’s because the scam artists realized I had detected their fraudulent puppy sale operation.

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