On The Road Again…

May 10th, 2014

This morning, after a 21 day hiatus, finally felt able to do my morning 20 mile bicycle ride. Finished without difficulty.

This 2014 winter has been one I’ll probably not soon forget. Got hit with an awful version of the Flu virus in January that put me in bed for two weeks. Afterwards, following five days of reasonably good health, became seriously ill again. Diverticulitis, something I experienced 14 years ago, visited me once again. It’s a ratherĀ painful inflammation of the intestines, and it lasted for three weeks (still experiencing minor traces of it). I’ve been fortunate in having so much good health that I probably shouldn’t gripe and instead recognize an occasional bit of serious illness is to be expected. Nevertheless, have my fingers crossed that I’ve had this year’s share all at once.

One of the bright sides these days is that Palm Springs is enjoying a very moderate winter weather season. Daily high temperatures run from the 70s to the low 90s, with mornings starting out in the 50s. Great weather for doing anything outdoors and particularly nice for bicycling. Really happy to have been able to resume that activity.

On another note, continue to experience success with the food diet I started last October. Finally able to wear most of the clothes in my closet. And little Camo doggy, despite her 16+ years, is still with me and able to do a couple of daily walks (though neither of us has been keeping a “trip the light fantastic” pace). Since I recently passed the three-quarter century mark in age and she’s well into her second decade, suppose neither of us should expect to set many activity records.

February 22, 2014