Forever Marilyn – Exposed

May 27th, 2012

Intentional Humor on Desert Sun Opinion Pages?

One of the loudest gripes heard about the “Forever Marilyn” sculpture is the amount of unwanted local media coverage being foisted off on those living in “her” community. The sculpture was acquired for its promotional value and press coverage elsewhere has proved it a good investment on behalf of local tourism. That doesn’t mean residents need constant reminders that “Forever Marilyn” now dwells among us.

The sculpture didn’t appear to warrant or need more local print coverage, but a Valley Voice piece in the local paper proved an exception worth reading. Bruce Bonafede, in his Desert Sun op-ed titled “Will ‘Forever Marilyn’ be just the first of celebrity statues in Palm Springs?“, is a must-read by all who are familiar with the workings of the Palm Springs city council, boards and commissions. A few city officials may not appreciate the author’s witticisms but others, with smaller egos, should find them rather entertaining.

Bonafede’s “Forever Marilyn” piece is simply hilarious. It starts with “the response has been unanimously positive – except from those who don’t like it.” He reports visiting the City’s “DUD” department, refers to a new “Celebrities in Public Places Commission“, takes a brief swipe at “neighborhood associations and political clubs“, discusses a new commission setup process that emulates the Measure J Oversight Commission appointment debacle, and tops it off with a reference to “The Preservation Society to Save Everything Old and Ugly in Palm Springs.”

The “Will ‘Forever Marilyn’ be just the first of celebrity statues in Palm Springs?” is an interesting choice of titles for this sardonic and clever reminder that Palm Springs politics does have a funny side. The author, Bruce Bonafede, is a columnist worth reading and one whose frequent offerings should be encouraged. Bringing him aboard would surely enhance the opinion pages of The Desert Sun.

Bond Shands
Palm Springs