Tessa the Voyeur

January 29th, 2017

          Is her ladyship Contessa Le Rouge, “Tessa”, secretly possessed of voyeuristic interests? And, if so, is she a practicing Voyeur?

          The master bathroom in my residence has a large roman-style shower/tub design below a large picture window. The window faces a walled garden area with an open side entrance. There are no curtains or shades on the window.

          Today while showering I turned to see my little doggy Tessa standing in the garden watching me. At times she approached the window and stood up against it as if to get a better view. Didn’t know whether to assume she appreciated the photogenic quality of her view. Don’t even know whether she considered the sight to be either “photogenic” or possessed of “quality”. Must confess to disappointment over her failure to linger longer than a minute or so. Have to assume her early departure from the area was not intended as editorial commentary resulting from her view.

          Should I be surprised to learn Tessa appears to have Voyeuristic instincts? If so, where did she acquire them? Would a puppy class designed to address the issue be appropriate? What if the newspapers learn her secret? Will this affect her AKC pedigree registration and possibly add a stain to her noble lineage?

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